Jumbo 4" Tennis Ball

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Unleash Fetch Fun with Our Jumbo 10cm Tennis Balls!

Toss away boredom and unleash hours of tail-wagging fun with our giant 10cm tennis balls, the perfect match for playful large dogs!

Here's why your pup will love them:

    • Big fun for big chewers: Made for powerful jaws, these durable balls withstand even the most enthusiastic games of fetch.
    • Supersize the bounce: Unpredictable bounces keep playtime exciting, encouraging exercise and mental stimulation. ‍♀️
    • Gentle on gums: The soft, non-abrasive felt is kind to your dog's teeth and gums, making playtime safe and enjoyable.
    • Classic fun: The iconic blue color is easy for dogs to spot, ensuring endless games of fetch in the park, backyard, or anywhere you go.

More than just a ball, it's a bonding experience:

Strengthen the bond with your furry friend through interactive games of fetch, creating lasting memories and happy moments together.


    • Supervise your dog during playtime and choose toys appropriate for their size and chewing habits.
    • Regularly inspect the ball for damage and replace it when needed to prevent accidental ingestion.

Order your 10cm tennis balls today and watch the playtime fun begin!

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